Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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I created this compilation looking at active Power Forwards and Centers that are currently in the NBA. I understand small ball is now a huge part of the game so I use the knowledge that I have to create my own ranking including a few honorable mentions. I base my report on the Pre-Season games and career averages.


1. Anthony Davis, PF/C, New Orleans Pelicans: The complete package. The numbers speak for themselves. The only player in the league last year to be ranked among the top ten for points, rebounds, and blocks.


2. LaMarcus Aldridge, PF/C, San Antonio Spurs: Very efficient free-throw shooter. Responds to pressure by lifting his game in playoffs. Although his numbers won’t compare to others, he contributes to a winning-team environment.


3. DeMarcus Cousins, PF, Sacramento Kings: Coming off his best year in 2015-16. His experience with veteran players and coaches in the Summer Olympics should help him grow and mature as a leader this year. We can expect another great year from him.


4. Karl-Anthony Towns, PF, Minnesota Timberwolves: Second year big man who will put up numbers across the stat sheet. He’s young, energetic, and not afraid to put the team on his shoulders. Can’t go wrong with KG as his mentor.


5. Dwight Howard, C, Atlanta Hawks: Haters please stop; the numbers are there. Rebound production went up last year during the playoffs. Preseason results show promising year with his new team.


6. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Point Forward, Milwaukee Bucks: The Greek sensation. Expect him to be on top of the ball for the entire game. He’s going to fill the stat sheet every night. With Jason Kidd as a Head Coach, he will learn more than the in and outs of being a Point Forward.


7. Blake Griffin, PF, LA Clippers: With the distractions behind him, Griffin showed up this season in great shape. If he stays on track, we can expect a plethora of double-doubles. Western Conference Finals????


8. Hassan Whiteside, C, Miami Heat: New configuration on the team will give him lots of court time. He is an aggressive rebounder and plays hard to defend the rim. More minutes = more points, rebounds, and blocks.


9. Andre Drummond, C, Detroit Pistons: He’s a double-double machine. High-energy athlete under the rim. One of the elite rebounders. Needs to work on free throws. (Needs Reggie Jackson back).


10. DeAndre Jordan, C, LA Clippers: Great athleticism for his size. Shot blocker and rebounder. Learned how to win and keep his teammates together from playing throughout the summer in the Olympics.


11. Kevin Love, PF, Cleveland Cavaliers: Still a good rebounder despite his role as an outside shooter with the Cavs. All-around player, career averages: 81% FT, 36% three-point shooter, 11.5 rebounds, 2.4 assists


12. Jabari Parker, PF/C, Milwaukee Bucks: After coming off a pretty good pre-season, very athletic, versatile big man. On the cusps of having a breakout year.


13. Dirk Nowitzki, C, Dallas Mavericks: If his jump shot is still good and he remains healthy, after 19 years he is still one of the top bigs in the NBA.


14. Paul Millsap, PF, Utah Jazz: He’s a hard worker on the court. Has a high basketball IQ. Career average: 1.7 blocks, 1.8 steals, 1.3 assist, 31% three-pointer in 81 games last year.


15. Tristan Thompson, C, Cleveland Cavaliers: His top priority this year is to stay focused. He will contribute solid numbers; however, needs to increase his average on free-throws and blocked shots.

HONORABLE MENTION: Trevor Ariza, Kristapas Porzingis,
Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors

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