Steve was also a volunteer player on the team against the Harlem Ambassadors so he had a very busy night. Another highlight of the evening was that many of the children’s parents accompanied them to the game. Seacoast Bank and many of Habitat’s board members bought tickets to donate to other organizations and families so that they too, could enjoy the game. What a great community outing!

The children and families from Bridges enjoyed hot dogs and sodas and watching the high -flying moves of the talented and zany basketball team. Many of the kids sat right on the basketball court area and were also brought onto the floor during intermission and participated with the players. It was an amazing night for everyone who attended.

“I was happy to be able to treat the kids to a fun night out. I think they had a good time and saw something they had never seen before. The Harlem Ambassadors put on a great show for the whole family and everyone really enjoyed it,” Mark commented.